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The first release from the Cloudism project, 'You didn't know you made your lover sad'.

Cloudism is our final live show which was performed over the film noir classic 'Stranger on the Third Floor' and recorded completely live. This will be released eventually.





Ol Twinkletoes (Live)


-- June 23rd 2015 --

Captain A & The Commercial Monsters have been confirmed for the Dave Muldowney Stage at Swell Festival on 12th July - Arranmore Island. Of course we knew this already and have been jamming away on a load of new stuff to debut SPECIALLY for Swell Fest, we've even added a new Monster to the Commercial Monsters, more on that as the time draws closer.

Anocht FM 10th Birthday @RTE
After loads of airplay on  RaidiĆ³ na Gaeltachta  Captain A & Calamity G were lucky enough to join In Their Thousands on the Anocht FM anniversary show on RnaG a few weeks - an absolute honour as we all are fans of Anocht FM - do check it out!! 

And Eoghan has been shooting his mouth off in the Donegal Democrat about the 'DREAMS' album - which although is sold out at present, is available to pre-order at the moment. 

-- June 2nd 2015 --

Thanks to all the folks in Letterkenny and Galway who made the launch gigs happen and brought good vibes with them. The album sold out completely in the first four days, which is probably the only thing we didn't plan for! Pre-orders of more copies of DREAMS are available now on bandcamp which we hope to be shipping in the next few weeks. We played a lot of new songs at the launch shows and hope to record them soon, so if you download the record or buy the CD you'll be supporting that. Also many thanks to An Taobh Tuathail for playlisting us!

Here are a few pics of the Letterkenny Show from Layla Kuyper. Stay Chic Folks!! 

May 18 2015

First Review for Dreams
“Dreams” isn’t meant to polished, or sound like it has been tweaked and mastered to within an inch of its life. It is supposed to sound improvised, slightly fuzzy and loose. As if the musicians were recorded having a jam only slightly more organised. Which means we have an album which has held onto its integrity of concept and execution and still sounds puts together.
Read the review in full at http://musician.ie/captain-commercial-monsters-dreams-album-review-launch/ Ahead of streaming this wednesday, Musician.ie have been kind enough to review the album. Wednesday 20th May - Citog, Galway @the Roisin Dubh Saturday 23rd May - RCC, Letterkenny - 8pm show with Tuath.

April 14 - Album Trailer

January 22nd 2015

At approximately 3.11 Monday GMT the final, final, final audio work got finished on the Dreams album. There will be one more retrospective video popping up here in the next week or two related to one of the older records and then launch mode will be engaged.