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North-West Ireland based Captain A & The Commercial Monsters bring together elements of psychedelia, 70's rock, folk, big band and brazen jamming.

Equally influenced by Epic Prog, Leonard Cohen, Bill withers and Big Tom. CAaTCM's will be releasing the 'Dreams' album in 2015 which features collaborations with members of Groom, The Henry Girls and The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock.

Originally a studio project by Eoghan Holland, The Commercial Monsters formed organically over the course of making the 'Dreams' record and became sentient live band in the early 2010's featuring hand picked musicians from the North West music scene and guest appearances. CAaTCM play live shows in three piece, four piece, five piece and six piece formats along with guest musicians at every opportunity. 

"A fine Collection of off-the-wall experimental songs... ...take that, musical conformity" -  IRISH NEWS

"Dreams” isn’t meant to polished, or sound like it has been tweaked and mastered to within an inch of its life. It is supposed to sound improvised, slightly fuzzy and loose. As if the musicians were recorded having a jam only slightly more organised. Which means we have an album which has held onto its integrity of concept and execution and still sounds puts together."   - MUSICIAN.IE

"Holland's songwriting, unique vocal style and the talent of his collaborators have made Captain A & The Commercial Monsters an intriguing live act in recent years' - DONEGAL DEMOCRAT

“The luxury instrumental feel of big production” -